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Wood Cladding: For Your Home’s Exterior Walls

Do you want your external walls to have the natural look and feel of real beautiful wood? Dress them up!  Wood cladding in Dubai is the best external walling solution for homes. You won’t have to put up with mould, stains, or dampness like you might have in the past with cladding products. We are happy to link our name with such a high-quality product and the durability and strength needed to survive exposure to the weather.


Various Alternatives


When it comes to colours and finishes, you’ll be spoiled for choice with cladding. When installing our wood cladding, you can choose from a selection of wood finishes. Our standard conventional colours are walnut and antique, but we can also help you get a range of unique colours. Each cladding panel is inspired by nature. The manufacturers went to great lengths to ensure that the wood cladding looked as near to natural wood as possible, and they certainly succeeded! However, many individuals can’t tell the difference between composite and genuine wood cladding.


Uses of Wood Cladding


There are numerous applications for wood cladding. First and foremost, it is a durable material that will shield the genuine exterior of your property from the elements. It also has excellent insulation capabilities, which can help you save money on your heating and cooling bills each month, not to mention the aesthetic appeal. Wooden cladding can definitely add charm and character to your house’s outside, and you’ll see wooden cladding as part of most modern homes’ exteriors and even as part of their landscape design in glossy homes and lifestyle magazines.


Appello is The Best Option


Do you want to use wood cladding as part of the exterior design and protection of your home? Appello Interiors L.L.C. would be delighted to show you our composite cladding collection. For added safety and durability, our composite cladding is capped. Find out more by contacting us by email or phone, and we will provide you with additional information.

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