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Trends In Exhibition Stand Designs

You do not always have to be at some grand exhibition to catch the sight of some amazing exhibition stands, trade-fairs, exhibitions or most events have exhibition stands showcasing some amazing and even thought-provoking innovations and ideas.


But is it only the subject of the exhibition people notice? With the surge of exhibition stand designs and models, it is safe to say that people look for more than just the idea or product- the exhibition stand design plays a major role in this.


Let us see what’s trending in the market when it comes to exhibition stand design


1. Customer-Focused Booths



I am pretty sure that you have seen exhibition stands in the middle of a glamorous mall or shopping complex more than a few times. These stands are designed especially to attract customer attention.


The idea is that people would remember the exhibition stand, but to keep them from forgetting the brand being promoted, it all comes with a customer-focused experience that would build a long-lasting impact than trying to impress them.


Dubai is known for its stunning architecture and luxurious, customer-oriented malls, so when it comes to exhibition stand design Dubai  leads the way in this field as well with stunning exhibition stands designed to create a customer-oriented experience for brand promotion.


2. Timber Finishes



Timber finishing for exhibition stands is a fairly new but fast-growing trend and exhibition stand companies in Dubai  are quickly taking in the trend. It helps in adding to the beauty and with the spike in demand for sustainable products and materials, sustainable timbers are growing in demand.



3. Less Is More



Minimalism has been an interior design trend for a while and it has stretched to exhibition stand designs as well- unnecessary clutter and grandeur can be both pricey and intimidating, minimalistic and organised spaces, on the other hand, appear neat and approachable.


Exhibition stand designs are not structurally complicated, however, you might need to be meticulous and considerate regarding the target-customers. How to leave an impression on the customers and how to attract the maximum number of clients, it takes a lot more than just a pretty design- exhibition stand designs play a deeper role in marketing after all.

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