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Trends For Your Living Room Show: Living Room Trends

The living room is first place guests and visitors are taken to. The living room of your home is also the place where you sit down to relax when you do not or cannot be in your room. In a nutshell, the living room is the highlight of a home, the kitchen too, but the living room is the place you are to take any visitors to, not the kitchen and hence, the first impression of your home is greatly influenced by the interiors of the living room.


When it comes to a city like Dubai, no doubt that the interior design companies in Dubai have some of the best design models for the living room, be it grand, luxurious, chandler-clad  rooms or minimalistic but cosy small or average apartment-living rooms


So here some amazing and effective ling room trend, fit for all



1. Multifunctional Spaces



It doesn’t matter whether you have a living room that screams grandeur or the one that reminds people of the old, warm and safe cottage that was once their childhood fantasy place-to-be. Multifunctional living room spaces have been quick to set into the trend train and travel all around the world.


When it comes to the residential interior design companies in Dubai, multifunctional spaces are becoming one of the most preferred setups among them as well and what could be better than a whole living room that can serve as a dining room and harbour an open kitchen?



2. Outdoor Equals Indoor



Let’s face it, not being able to spend time outside without being cautious about our masks and sanitizers is annoying. And 2020 is apparently set on bringing to us everything that annoys or terrifies us. So, why not bring the outdoors inside? Not much, but having indoor plants do help greatly. It makes you feel closer to nature and also improves the atmosphere.



3. Down To Earth



Earthy schemes such as shades of browns, light to dark, wooden or clay decoratives, help give your living room a calming and relaxing vibe. A place where you come back after a long day to be able to finally let go and feel light.



4. Mix and Match Minimalism



When it comes to minimalist living rooms, it does not necessarily mean the plane shades of greys, whites and black. In fact, mixing and matching is the key to keep things simple, minimalistic yet interesting and pleasant. So, go for colour and texture combination and keep things simple, you do not want it all to look overdone.

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