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The Growing Trends in Hotel Interior Design

The value of hotels have increased from past few years. Whenever people hit the roads or visit a new place then they look for a place for shelter. But this doesn’t mean that they are going to stay at any place which is not good for them. A good interior design in hotels is integral to make every guest feel welcome and at home. Many hotel owners have already understood the importance of hotel interior as it is an integral part to make every guest feel welcome and at home. When people are away from their home then they look for a place where they can feel like home. The hotel interior design companies in Dubai are making sure to make every hotel into a temporary home. from conceptualizing an inviting lobby interior design to ensuring highly personalized experiences. Here we have a few trends in hotel interior design which you can try while designing and redesigning your space. 


Versatile and Dynamic Lobbies

Always remember, people will buy what they find attractive. We all have heard the first impression is the last impression and it perfectly fits in the hospitality business. Being the place where first contact of guests happens, lobbies should be as eye catching and stunning as it can be. Designing a hotel lobby takes a lot of experience and professional ideas as it should accommodate guests of all types. If you have ever visited a 5 star or a very prominent hotel then you must have seen the attractive furniture, large chandeliers, indoor waterfalls, large walls and sometimes multimedia stations or featured entrances that add extravagance to the hotel. This makes it important to hire a hotel lobby interior designer for your hotel. With their creative ideas you can be best in the hospitality business.  


Hotel Rooms Design

To make the room more interesting and inviting, you can add many things like television panels, sofa, eclectic mixes of decor and color explosions are just some of the key ingredients interior designers in Dubai are using to achieve a very tasty outcome of design. Now the room can’t consist of just a bed, table and cabinet. 


Using more Textures & Colors

In this modern world in hotel interior design, texture is more preferred than visual patterns. Giving guests something they can feel and even lose can result in a memorable experience, one they will probably want to repeat. And adding color and new textures can help you gain people confidence in you, an important aspect while considering a hotel to stay. A few bright colors can make spaces have a more soothing atmosphere. 


If you are able to provide a home away from their own places then your hotel business is untouched by your competitors. If you are looking for top interior designing companies for help then Appello interiors can successfully create a hotel that makes guests’ entire stay memorable.

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