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The Fit-Out Story: Growing Challenges and Solutions in The Fit-Out Sector

The era of new and massive buildings with extravagant construction is over now, people expect more than just aesthetics from interiors and that is why the fit-out industry has boomed in the past decade. We do not tear down buildings to create a new one, we run our spaces innovative and unique makeovers.

But challenges are no exemptions, no matter how much of a hit is the workspace fit-out, the interior design industry as a whole. So here some challenges with possible solutions.



1. The Infrastructure



The building sites of the past, the offices and the way they were designed were not forward-thinking and they did not anticipate the number of people working in the office, neither was the work-environment a concern back then. So most of the old buildings have cramped up office spaces. It is not only the interiors but the older buildings’ overall quality that raises concerns to the fit-out industry.


When it comes to interior fit-out Dubai has tremendous capabilities but old office buildings with cramped-up spaces are making renovations pricey and not every business is obliging to spend so much money on that.


However, there are cheaper fit-out solutions like improved airflow, lounging room, adding an extra open-space and better wifi facilities which can keep up the spirits of the employees.



2. Estimation Issue



One of the greatest challenges that are faced by both, the fit-out companies and the clients is the project execution and the question ‘How will the estimation be done?’,  even if you are working with the ‘top 10 interior design companies in Dubai’ you are bound to face the estimation issue, it is universal like various other issues in the interior design industry. Such problems could arise due to lack of contractor-client communication, a sudden spike in material rates or even a shortage of workers.


Such problems tend to be more apparent when it comes to a commercial fit-out company in Dubai, like the rest of the world. High demand for materials and bulk construction and supply of goods can be one of the many reasons.


To avoid such situations, running a comprehensive report of the financial data of the interior design company, keeping tabs on the workforce and the time management on each of the previous and ongoing projects.


3. Rising Prices



Be it the labour charge or rising material prices, the two factors affect the fit-out projects significantly and thus cannot be ignored. Even an average fit-out company in Dubai might not be able to offer the pocket-friendly prices clients are now used to.


With the current crises, the spiked up cost of material and labour is not unreasonable. An investment in a good ERP system, a good fit for your company and team could save you though.



4. Parking Demand



Another major issue when it comes to workspace fit-out. Even if you are opting for a retail fit-out Dubai is a city that would demand parking space for even a regular retail shop. The living standard in Dubai is better, most people own a car, at least a reliable two-wheeler and parking spaces are now in demand and rising in infrastructure trends.


An answer to this rising issue can be innovative, multi-storeyed parking spaces that could accommodate more vehicles while occupying less space. Fit-out companies still need to come up with innovative parking space ideas that are both space and client-friendly.

Expectations and demand increases if you are one of the best, like the top interior fit-out companies in Dubai and these companies have not disappointed as they have come up with innovative and budget-friendly ideas to adapt and fit current environment needs as well as the personal requirements of their clients. No wonder that the fit-out industry still prospers.

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