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Stone and Marble Wall Cladding: Add a Unique Feature To Your Home

Stone and marble wall cladding give dimension and life to any wall, whether it’s indoors or out. They can entirely transform any room by using a stone or marble overlay. So whether you want to clad one wall to make it stand out, use travertine to frame a fireplace, or create a beautiful entryway, Apello Interiors has the correct cladding product for you. Aside from their natural beauty, stone wall treatments have many advantages, including low maintenance, sound insulation, and heat insulation. In addition, if done correctly, property owners may expect a long-lasting result resistant to all types of weather. If you’ve been considering natural stone finishes for your home, whether indoors or out, here are a few extra points to note:


Advantages Of Wall Cladding


  • Marble and stone cladding is compact and easy to move and install, and you may use them on various surfaces, including cement, wood, brick, and even metal.
  • Stone surfaces are adaptable, allowing them to be erected on both flat and curved surfaces.
  • It’s simple to modify to match your exact sizing needs.
  • We provide various cladding alternatives in multiple forms, colours, and sizes, allowing customers to select an option that complements their interior or external design.
  • Stone finishes are appropriate for use near fires or braais since they are heat resistant. For a unique design element, various clients apply stone surfaces around their fireplaces.
  • Stone cladding is non-porous and non-absorbent when properly sealed and cared for, which means it will last longer and be easier to maintain.
  • Since stone is highly durable and wear-resistant, it should be viewed as a long-term investment.
  • The majority of stone varieties are resistant to all types of weather. Therefore they will not change colour when exposed to rain or sunlight.
  • The most crucial benefit of all is that it will increase the aesthetic value of your home, regardless of the stone material you choose.
  • Marble cladding is best suited for indoor use and will offer a sense of luxury to a home or workplace. Cladding, cut into thin layers, provides marble with a different appearance than marble tiles or slabs.


If you’re tired of the look of your walls and don’t want to paint them a different colour, stone and marble wall cladding is an option to explore! It will genuinely distinguish your property in terms of both aesthetic and value.


Appello Interiors L.L.C., situated in Dubai, believes in breaking through barriers and providing clients with artistically unique outcomes. For more information on how to design your home with stone and marble wall cladding, contact us.

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