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Small Kitchen Design Ideas To Taste From

The kitchen is the place where we experiment with food, fail, succeed and sometimes even celebrate. And if you are a foodie, then I bet that kitchen is your place. But having a small kitchen does not have to limit your space.


Here are some awesome small kitchen interior idea to indulge in



 1.Add A Prep Area



When it comes to a small kitchen, you might not have a proper island or counter to set things on while you cook, so it is advisable to add a prep area, a small, foldable table can do the work. Even a narrow console can work as a spot to set out the required tools.


Interior design companies in Dubai are now focusing on attached, foldable or multi-purpose furniture for small kitchens, especially while considering a prep area.



2. Remove Upper Cabinets



Open shelves are extremely functional as they make it easier to access dishes and containers. Thinking of a small kitchen, architecturally, upper cabinets might not be essential enough to be allowed to take up space. So, it is better to replace your upper cabinets with open shelves.



3. Light Up Your Kitchen



When space is limited and you need to maneuver quickly and effectively, all the necessary items should be within your sight. So making sure that your kitchen is well lit-up is important. Moreover, if your kitchen does not look all bright, it can appear dull due to its size and in the absence of light reaching every corner.



4. Keep Your Cabinets Organised



With a small kitchen, the cabinets are either bound to be small or take up maximum space- but that could be a good thing if utilised properly- use the limited space, keep your cabinets mess free, super organised.

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