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Restaurant Design Trends That Could Turn Tables in 2020

The restaurants & cafes are not only about food anymore. It’s a big yes that people choose restaurants on the basis of appetite &  flavor but not considering the other aspects can be foolish at these times. With the evolving landscape of global travellers and a growing number of people choosing to dine out more, restaurant renovation is booming as the industry seeks to become competitive, efficient & sustainable. 


People look for a story when they visit to dine in, and integrating experience driven design, ambience and menus can help them create a dining story. The latest trends lean towards the authentic and visually appealing. You can integrate new concepts, shapes, color schemes, novel materials or just play with the known to create something extraordinary. The restaurant interior designers can provide new interior perspectives that can have a positive impact on your restaurant. Let us look at the latest trends that you can incorporate for better business opportunities. 



Have you ever wondered how authenticity can help your restaurant? As we have already mentioned that a restaurant is more than a spot to eat, restaurants are places we go for nourishments, both physically and spiritually. restaurant authenticity leads to a positive perceived value and brand trust.


To get authentic experience, as a restaurant owner you can start off by investing some thought in developing fresh design concepts tailored to reflect what’s most important to guests, and creating unforgettable experiences that engage all the senses, not just taste. 


Endless Color Imagination

As a restaurant owner, you have an opportunity to create more memorable visual landscapes that can help you out in the long term. In 2020, the predictions point towards striking a balance between minimalism & maximalism, with a few more grounded and bold tones surely to be introduced. If you are still confused about which color to choose then restaurant interior design companies in Dubai can help you figure out what’s best for your place. 


Multi-Functional Furniture

The world of furniture is shifting towards multi-functional, compact pieces, and new restaurant design concepts are riding on the trend. This is particularly true for establishments that wish to incorporate different types of spaces within a restaurant without sacrificing aesthetics or floor footage. Multi-functional, compact pieces help to break up space visually but also provide different types of seating styles to suit the diverse preferences of customers.


Outdoor Space with a Purpose

Many people love to have the option of dining outside. To combat this, new restaurant design trends are focusing on installing retractable roofs the outdoor spaces can be used all year around. Having a rooftop dine in is always a good idea, and should also take the advantage of this trend. People love to have food with a view and offering beautiful views that upgrading a new experience in the mind of people can really be a show stealer for you & your restaurant. With proper planning and latest ideas you can surely be a winner in this field. 


All the above ideas can be perfect for any restaurant but another important aspect to be considered is to hire from the top restaurant and cafe interior design companies in Dubai to get the best results. We recommend checking out our services to fulfill your design & build needs.

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