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Renovation Services in Dubai

Renovation Services

When you get your own house, there’s a lot of emotional attachment with it. By renovating it, you can make it your own private space customized for your comfort and privacy. As one of the best renovation companies in Dubai, we specialize in creating house renovation, kitchen renovations, and bathroom renovations for all kinds of properties. We first begin by having a detailed discussion with you to understand your tastes, values, and ideas. Our team translates your expectations into a to-scale 3D model to help you visualize the project. Once you approve the model, our skilled team comes in and begins all the work.

What can you expect with us?


Timely Delivery


& Reliability


Ensured Quality


On budget with no surprises

Why Should You Get Your House Renovated?

Renovating your house can be a difficult ordeal. Our goal is to help make the transition smoother for you. After all, your home should be a reflection of who you are. And home renovation is the best way to achieve that. At Appello, we combine creativity, authenticity, and aesthetic value to create the perfect home renovations for you.


Here’s how Appello can help


Plan with client

We discuss the expectations, budget and deadline of project with our clients before the execution of the project to develop a plan.


Provide Solution

We understand the requirements of our client and propose our creative design and fitout solutions that may work best according to the budget and expectations of client.


Deliver Perfection

Our highly skilled team of professional designers make sure to turn your dreams into reality in the specified time by delivering precision and perfection from every element.

We’re here for you, let’s get in touch.

We’re here for you, let’s get in touch.


A home isn’t just four walls and a roof. It’s much more than that. It’s your sanctum of peace and comfort. It’s an expression of your creative side. It’s an inseparable part of your life. Keeping that in perspective, home renovations can help you turn your house into a home that’s loved by you and your family. With changing aesthetics and interior design trends, it’s only sensible to keep your house updated with the latest developments. At Appello, we help you do just that. 

We believe that no house is truly a home until you feel comfortable and peaceful in it. We put this ideology into action with our renovation services in Dubai. We try our best to work together with you to breathe life into your ideas. While we handle all the work, here’s some mistakes that you can avoid to help us. 


  1. You need to have a flexible mindset. Sometimes ideas and their implementation change while the project is being executed. Trust us, we’re only going to give you our best. 
  2. Having too short a timeline in your mind can create some friction. House renovations cannot be done overnight. After all, everything beautiful takes time to create. 
  3. We also recommend communicating clearly with the design team as well as the on-site team. Only through clear communication will we be able to understand your ideas.

The costs for renovating can vary from project to project depending on scope of the project, complexity of design, workmanship required, total time taken, and material costs. 


Our first goal is to understand your goals and document them clearly. Our team will spend considerable time with you to chalk out your designs. Once we get a better understanding of your requirements, we can give you an estimated quote. 


Our team also explains the quote to you in detail so that you know where exactly you’re spending your hard-earned money. 


The project cost may change if the scope and requirements change. That’s why we urge our clients to be clear about their ideas during the planning stage. 

At Appello, we believe that no house is truly a home until you feel comfortable and peaceful in it. We put this ideology into action with our renovation services in Dubai. Moreover, we also offer Bathroom renovation and kitchen renovation services in Dubai. With Appello, you can be assured of the best quality raw material and skilled craftsmen who’ll bring your idea to life. Our services are affordable with no compromises in quality, delivery time, or design. All you need to do is fill out your contact details above and our representative will get in touch with you. Let’s go on this journey together and turn your house into a loving, personalized sanctum of peace. 

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