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Painting Services Dubai

Painting Services

Appello Interiors is a trained professional painting company for apartment painting services in Dubai. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and attention to the fine detail of our work isn’t all that sets us apart from our competitors, however. When you hire us to do a job, you can be assured that you won’t have to deal with the many complications that can come with hiring fly-by-night painting contractors in Dubai because we don’t work with subcontractors or piecemeal workers.

What can you expect with us?


Timely Delivery


& Reliability


Ensured Quality


On budget with no surprises

Why are Painting Services important?

Professional painting services Dubai will help you in detecting decay or rot within the structure of your house. It also helps in protecting the structure of your house from moisture and water. It not only helps in making your house looks newer but also saves it from rough weather conditions and UV rays.


Here’s how Appello can help


Plan with client

We discuss the expectations, budget and deadline of project with our clients before the execution of the project to develop a plan.


Provide Solution

Dubai Painting Company understand the requirements of our client and propose our creative design and fitout solutions that may work best according to the budget and expectations of client.


Deliver Perfection

Our highly skilled team of professional designers make sure to turn your dreams into reality in the specified time by delivering precision and perfection from every element.

We’re here for you, let’s get in touch.

We’re here for you, let’s get in touch.


Choosing the right paint for the walls of your house is another important aspect of interior design. It’s not at all easy to choose the right color for your walls, & that’s why home painting services of Appello Interiors are there for you to help. As a professional painting contractors in Dubai, we take care of everything while designing your house. As we have already mentioned that paint on the walls is an important aspect of every house and if you want your home painted properly, then you need to hire the best interior painters and get the service done. Our experts at Appello Interiors are full of tips and tricks to create something beautiful while painting to create something beautiful so we can leave a smile on your face. We are professional interior painting services, we correctly prep your walls and know what types of paints work best in which areas in your home. With our professional experience, we know which areas to tape and what type of type to use while painting. We are the best interior painters and never leave any splatters on your woodwork or runs on your walls which are among other reasons to hire us. Our expert painters complete their work in the allotted time and there won’t be any loose ends. We use the system down in addition to the right tools to get the job done and done right. Our home painting services are dedicated to sharing the extra resource if necessary to complete the painting of your home and make it more beautiful

As a professional interior painting service Dubai, we use all the latest technologies in the world of exterior & interior paint. The technology has already hit the world of commercial and residential paint. We set up with the best interior paint for your home’s design and location, as well as your unique needs from each room of the house. The local painters near me have taken you beyond just picking out colors and helping you to choose the best interior painting ideas available to create the look, feel and function that you desire. Hiring the home painting services that are licensed, insured and trained like Appello Interiors goes a long way toward guaranteeing the result that you want. Not only do we take care of top quality paint for your home but also your office and other commercial interior paint. When you hire professional painters to do the job for you, you can tell them when you want them to start and set a deadline for when you want the work finished. One of the best reasons to hire the best interior painters to do exterior or interior paint in Dubai is that they are licensed and insured. Insured painters mean that if anything goes wrong with the paint job, the contractors are insured and can make things right. Now that’s peace of mind that you won’t be able to get if you do the job yourself.

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