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Open Office vs Old Office, Which one Would be Perfect for your Workspace?

Open Office Space vs Closed Office Space, which one to incorporate for office design? This is one of the hottest debates among the people when it comes to efficient office design. Being an owner of the workspace you need to find the most effective office design which must eventually increase the productivity from the employees & commercial fit out companies in Dubai always plans to design such space which increases the profitability. We are sure if you conduct a survey among the employees, you will definitely get a mixed response from them.


There are several factors like price, design, available space, privacy, communication & many more which you need to consider before finalising one from both these designs. So, to make it easy for you to choose, we have come up with a very sophisticated manner to differentiate between open & closed office designs through advantages & disadvantages of both of them. Let us straight away look into this matter.


Open Office Space



  • Optimal use of space – Open offices use very less space as compared to closed offices. If you are a small business or a startup then this setup will help you save your seed money.


  • Easy Communication – It also encourages an open communication space as a team can sit together and have easy & quick communication to get work done quickly along with a transparent process.


  • Increases Team Work – If you feel that your office space needs to be more collaborative so employees can know each other better as open space promotes a friendly work environment. it increases the team work among the employees, another factor that increases proficiency in the office.



  • Lack of Privacy – Not all employees like to talk to everyone. Yes, we are talking about introverts, who love to work quietly. Open space does interfere with the privacy of the people.


  • Easy Distractions – With no boundaries between the employees, some of them will be easily distracted by the talk between other people. It can lead to loss in productivity.


  • Unconventional Seating – Open spaces do not have an effective seating plan as anyone can move their chairs from one place to another, increasing hustle in the office.


Closed Office Space



  • Privacy – Closed office gives your employees the privacy which many of them need.


  • Increases Concentration – With no noise from any side, cubicles increase concentration while working on any project.


  • Promotes Formal Ambience – Closed spaces gives you a formal ambience which often impresses your potential & old clients. It shows that you are a big deal & committed to work but it takes a lot of investment.



  • Eats up the Space – If your workspace is quite large then you can opt for closed space as it requires a lot of space to set it up.


  • Communication Gap – With increased layers, the communication gap also increases among the team members.


  • Low Supervision – As it takes up a load of space, it decreases the supervision over the employees, allowing some of them to perform tasks as per their leisure.


There are the differences between open & closed space. Now you need to consider all the factors before choosing any design for your workspace. We suggest to consult interior fit out companies as their experience can be really helpful to design & choose an effective workspace.

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