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Modern Bespoke House Design Ideas for your Home

Your home is a place that must reflect your style, a place that defines you and your way of living. But it can be really difficult for a person who has to work 5 days a week to design & decor our home in the way we want. However there are many new modern designs that complete your home design and that can remove your confusion about your ceiling, bedroom, living & in short for important elements of your home. All you need is a new pop design that improves the acoustics of the space. Modern pop plus minus designs are a popular choice for their versatility. Let us have a look at the pop designs for every element of your home.


Modern Pop Design for the Lobby

When designing a home it is important to focus on secondary elements areas like lobby or gallery. With artistic designs & patterns on the ceiling from interior fit out companies in Dubai you can create an artistic display of lights & patterns on the ceiling. You can even play around with colors of wood to complement the monochromatic palette of the house.


Light up your Bedroom

Experiment with different hues of light for your bedroom and create elegant yet minimalistic pop designs that exude calmness to your cozy space. We suggest creating a design with a soothing color palette with shades of soft pale colors. The diffusing lights selection for top of the walls creates a warm and relaxing ambiance, which perfectly defines an ideal bedroom.


Make Kitchen your Spotlight

Kitchen can be the most amazing place to draw everyone’s attention. The modern pop wall designs include clean & straightforward styles that amazingly add dimension to the room without stealing focus from the dishes that you create in your kitchen. A mix of spotlights on the ceilings infuses subtle drama to the kitchen by elevating an otherwise traditional space.


Living Space 

It’s the place where you usually relax and entertain your guests. If you are fed up with regular designs then you can go for a dark color scheme with crystal chandeliers. The mystic color tone of custom made furniture Dubai allows the crystal centrepiece to be the center of attention. A perfect place to pop open a bottle and have a romantic dinner date in this luxurious living area.


Stunning Pop Design For the Bathroom 

A modern bathroom must be designed with a pair of pendant lights that hand delicately from the ceiling. The designer of the pace must have an idea on how to use the mirrors with the ceiling lights to make the bathroom more spacious. A bathroom must be a combination of small, modern and simple design.


These are the modern basic designs of every important element of your home. Taking help from top design & build firms like Appello Interiors can really help you with amazing ideas that can make your place more attractive, amazing & aesthetic at the same time for you and your guests.

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