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Is There A Correlation Between Interior Design & Home Decor?

The correlation between interior design & Home Decor is one thing that most people ask when they decide to redo their home in their own way. Before diving deeper we must have one thing in our minds that “Great designs answer a question, offer a solution for your home and make it useful and believe to be beautiful.” To understand the correlation between designs & decor, first of all, there is a need to understand the difference between both, because both of them are different to each other but people somehow believe design & decor both are the same.


The Design is a combination of science & art and that is made after understanding people’s behaviour for creating functional & minimalist spaces. And the decor is the way you furnish and adore the design. The question is how to blend the right design with the right decor? It is quite difficult if you are not aware of the practical designed layouts prevailing in the market and then comes the importance & need of interior design companies in Dubai. Because while designing the room you need to take care of both decor & design simultaneously. Let us have a look at the benefit of having the proper blend of decor & design in the home.


Everything Doesn’t Need to Match

The second important element to blend with decor is that it is not essential for everything in your room to blend with the layout. Everything doesn’t need to match, you can have traditional furniture along with the modern designs in your room. All of this enhances the beauty of your room, as the furniture from different generations makes your room look aesthetic.


Have Patterns in Your Room 

One of the most amazing steps to blend your decor with the design, is to have lots & lots of patterns in the room. You can have different patterns in every corner of the room with varied colors that make each corner look different. So, if the size of the room is large then you can have three patterns in a room one large, one medium and one small making it look stunning & attractive. So, instead of overloading a single corner with many patterns, go for overall transformation of the room.



Having plenty of accessories in your room makes it look seamless and glamorous. Accessories are not only limited to sofa sets or a table. You can do numerous things to complete your place like paintings, lights, fireplace, carpet, lanterns and many other things. If you have no idea what would be perfect for your place then you can hire from the interior fit-out companies in Dubai so they can make your place look aspiring. The room and home without any decor make it look pleasant & unrealistic.


These were some of the methods on how you can blend your design with decor. But you must have an amazing team of designers and builders like Appello Interiors by your side to have a full fledged and amazing home decor and design.

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