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Increase Your Space With Custom Upholstered Headboard Options In Wood

With wood and custom upholstered headboards designed to your specifications, you can invest in a stunning addition to your bedroom space that you will enjoy for years. When you get to make the decisions, guided by experts familiar with the process,  you can make something truly special to appreciate every night. With high-quality workmanship and an understanding of function, we can create your most ideal addition especially for you.

Make, Material & Model


When deciding on what kind of product you want, be sure to look at the room and style that you currently have. With the ability to select every element of the time purchased you can make sure that all elements of color, shape, and shading, not to mention sizing and other elements you can choose from. As a complete item, you can use this addition to the space to seemingly grow it or refine it, expand the wall or heighten the ceiling. Every aspect ties together to contribute to the final room design.


Size To Scale 


Sizing both in height and thickness can vary, depending on the feel you are going for. Playing into aesthetic parts of the room to either attract or detract the eye, there is a multitude of design elements that can be incorporated. Some prefer options wider than the base, while others may rather opt for something to size or smaller. When you dictate the overall design of the product you can be sure to create the perfect headboard option for you.


Padding Makes A Difference


From fabric ranges to pin work and cushion design, even the level of cushioning within the pillowing itself all comes into play. There is an extensive number of materials available that offer everything from formality to absolute comfort. The materials can lend themselves to the style you want to enjoy in the comfort of your own room. With a skilled level of upholstery applied these can be the most amazing additions to any bedroom.


For custom wood headboards, there are many ways to create a masterpiece. With our professional insight and experience, we can ensure all elements of the design tie together to create something you can enjoy for years to come. We can create your perfect bedroom addition just the way you want it. Be sure to contact us today to find out more about these services!

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