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How Residential Design Differs from Commercial Interior Design?

Interior designing & planning of any place requires extensive connection as it is not simple as taking out a cookie from a jar. Every place needs to be designed purposely by keeping its motive of how you are going to use the particular space in mind. When it comes to planning & designing, you need to take care of specific demands & distinct needs, as you also need to work according to certain expectations & styles. Without any prior experience it is difficult to design any specific place as every place demands a new idea. This is especially true with commercial design & residential interior design. Let us have a look at how commercial design differs from residential design.


Commercial Interior Design


Commercial interior design includes designing spaces for businesses, small local spaces, retail stores, offices, restaurants & many more. Reading the above sentence gives you an idea on how different commercial & residential designs are from each other. If we dig deeper then commercial interior design requires a special attention towards functionality, safety, making space unique & special at the same time which requires specialization or experienced hands of top fit out companies in Dubai.


There are a lot of considerations which need to be taken into account when planning an interior project for a restaurant but you can’t follow the same ideas when it comes to other commercial spaces liks hotels & office spaces. Not to forget about your goals & visions you need to achieve while planning the commercial space of your choice. There is a fine line in between in planning & achieving the same without any experience in the same field.


Residential Interior Design


When it comes to residential interior design then it completely revolves around your vision, & what you want to achieve. The interior design & fit out companies in Dubai can drive the design & style but it is the client who should define the mood & other specifications for the space.


Residential interior design has more scope with planning due to the flexibility of the space allowing the interior design & planning experts use their creativity to come up with a unique solution without keeping some described aspects(Defined Commercial Design Aspects) in mind. Most homeowners typically prioritize a blended space with functionality, livability & their goals over a fashion statement. Constantly discussing with your interior planners will keep you in loop when your aesthetic home design is being created.


Communication is the Answer

Aforesaid, every space requires a different way of planning because the mode of communication is very much different in both residential & commercial space.


Here’s the difference between residential & commercial space design. Now you know how much it can be difficult to design a space without any prior experience.

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