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Fitness And Designing: Interior Design Trends For Gyms

Fitness has turned more than just a social media craze or social media status. Physical and mental wellbeing is now an integral part of our life or at least turning into one. And interior design is not only limited to making comfortable homes and productive office environments


So here are a few up and coming trends in gym interior designs



Multi-Purpose Spaces and Equipment



The rise in popularity of functional strength training has turned out to be the catalyst for some of the most creative gym designs in recent years. The resistance-based exercises inherent to functional training requires open, flexible spaces. But even in smaller spaces, the gym interior design  has surprised many with innovative use of floor plans.


Various gym interior design concepts  are also employing multi-functional pieces of equipment to the convenience of the gym members and hence, multi-functioning is in trends.



Immersive Group Training



Working out alone can be a bit monotonous and we all need some push now and then, group training can be fun and engaging and even if you are being dragged out of bed into a gym or fitness centre, all might not be so bad if you have people training with you and including you.


So when it comes to gyms and fitness centre interior design, spaces for immersive group training is becoming more than just another fleeting trend, it is here to stay, like our health concerns.


Rewarding Locker Rooms


The locker room is a gym-goer’s final place to be in a gym and the overall working out experience is often overshadowed by the final moments in the gym. This is why gyms are now tapping into rewarding locker room switch facilities and toiletries to make the gym-going experience pleasant and allow the gym-goers to prevent themselves from having to go back homes all sweaty and smelly. Yes, we need that.


Energetic Visuals


The visuals of a place affect the people in it psychologically, so visuals in gym interiors can either male or break the experience. Contemporary gyms are finding ways to incorporate branded visual interests into their spaces.


Striking lighting and graphics go beyond just visuals, colour fusions are used for brand promotion and even to energize the people working out.


Gym interior design trends have been on the rise for a while now and along with the current health crisis, people are now even more concerned with their physical health. The interior design is sure to play a significant role in the fitness business.

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