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Brilliant Ideas to Prepare Your Workplace Post Pandemic

Current situation has confined the world in their homes, and not only blocked us in our homes but also forced us to commence our daily process from our home which initially includes our office work. However the normal functioning will be back very soon but we must be ready for such scenarios again as anything can happen once businesses will get re-established, offices will resume soon. So the challenge will be to set up your work environment following all the guidelines and social distancing norms.


Many businesses and offices have faced backlash and losses, but they surely need to follow the measures while re-opening their offices. The business will slowly reclaim their business growth, which is possible only when they create an attractive, professional, and safe environment for the office. The businesses can take help from well-established commercial fit out companies in Dubai to redesign your office as per the new norms. Let us have a look at the design to incorporate while working in an active workspace.


An Active-Work Space

The Last thing you want is to create a boring work environment with dull lighting and lazy space. A office must radiate positive vibes so employees can have high-level of concentration and focus. So having an open space for small and big discussions or sound proof booths for confidential meetings and employee’s privacy. Large glass windows to help natural sunlight enter the space. Add more greenery to space with some mini plants on every desk. An outstanding interior is all you need with all the desks at a good distance from each other maintaining social distancing rules with less chances of getting contagious.


A Home-Like Space

With being inside the home for more than 5-6 months, people are getting very comfortable with “Work From Home” culture. When offices resume their regular operations then it will be difficult for employees to get back to usual life and will miss work from home. So, if you don’t want your daily productivity to get hit you can bring the comfort of their home to the office. Installing a cafe and loading it with free snacks and coffee stations will be very beneficial. You can also introduce big lounges with comfortable seating so employees can communicate, connect & grow together. A home like atmosphere feels less intimidating and promotes creativity and collaboration.


An Ergonomic Workspace

Sitting in one position for a long period is boring and also causes severe health conditions. You don’t want your employees to get sick or get health affected due to backaches, joint pain and other conditions as they will be joining the office back after a long time. So an ergonomic chair that offers additional support of the neck, back, & spinal alignment. You can also have a height adjustable table so employees come in various shapes and sizes.


These are the few ways in which you can create your office space in this post pandemic era. You can apply many such amazing ideas to your office to promote productivity, creativity, and collaboration and office interior design companies in Dubai like Appello Interiors can help you in designing your office

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