Apartment Interior Design

Apartment Interior Design

Apartment Interior Design

Buildings in Dubai are architectural wonders with sophisticated and detailed interiors. Professional interior design firms like Appello Interiors have always played a key role in pushing boundaries of interior design. At Appello Interiors, we pride ourselves on our great work & on being a fiscally responsible apartment interior design company. When it comes to interior design & build, the work of a truly professional & skilled contractor like Appello Interiors can make all the difference.

What can you expect with us?


Timely Delivery


& Reliability


Ensured Quality


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Why are apartment Interior Design important?

Apartment Interior design plays a crucial role in functionality of every room. We provide professional apartment interior design services in Dubai, it makes your life trouble free by infusing sufficient space in your home interiors. The home interior needs to be practical along with aesthetically pleasing.


Here’s how Appello can help


Plan with client

We discuss the expectations, budget and deadline of project with our clients before the execution of the project to develop a plan.


Provide Solution

We understand the requirements of our client and propose our creative design and fitout solutions that may work best according to the budget and expectations of client.


Deliver Perfection

Our highly skilled team of professional designers make sure to turn your dreams into reality in the specified time by delivering precision and perfection from every element.

We’re here for you, let’s get in touch.

We’re here for you, let’s get in touch.


A bigger challenge is to fit everything in a small space and make it look luxurious too! Small apartment interior design is a challenging yet fun task for most of the designers. Appello believes that even if there isn’t much room, there are so many fun things to try, so when we get requests from clients for small house interior design, we accept them with all the enthusiasm and passion. Designing and fitting out small spaces is real fun. Why? There is a lot of scope for creativity, innovation and the creative experts and designers at Appello Interiors have a thing for such spaces. We make sure that our cool ideas work best for such clients and with our amazingly creative ideas, we make those spaces look bigger rather than cluttered. For instance, when you talk about these small houses or apartments, rather than opting for big swinging doors that take up space, we instead go for pocket doors that have glass windows allowing the natural light to flow throughout your apartment and at the same time creating separation. The best part is, such doors will slide right into your wall, thereby saving space which might have been used by those swinging doors. Appello ensures to make the best use of your floor space and at the same time add elements that do not render a cluttered feel.
Well, in the case of studio apartments, the key is to remember the concept of double-duty! Double-duty? Yes, when it comes to designing and picking up the necessary fittings and furniture for studio apartments, our focus lies in opting for pieces that serve multiple purposes. For instance, while we are designing your tiny studio apartment, our designers would opt for a sofa that can double up as a bed or will add cubes that can serve the purpose of a coffee table for you and bonus seats when your buddies are over. So, we choose furnishings that offer you maximum functionality along with a superior style quotient. So, while our creative teams work on such projects, they go for those bespoke built-ins, storage pieces or shelves and customized furniture to make use of every inch of the available space wisely. Appello knows the value these homes carry for their owners and our creative experts design them with utmost perfection!
Who doesn’t want their modern apartment to look elevated and cozy? We are sure, we all do! If it is your first apartment, then the task of modern apartment interior design is exciting, but at the same time, it seems daunting too, isn’t it? From that initial design and fit-out to those major makeovers, when it comes to designing these modern apartments, Appello ensures that your space is modern, youthful and absolute fun to live in. From picking the right colors for achieving that level of sophistication to choosing the right decorating solutions to suit your sense of style, our designers perfectly craft that bespoke design and fit-out strategy to combine elements into your happy space. From interior design and execution to modular kitchen and storage, furniture and decor to innovative kids room designs, we do everything for our clients. So, speak to Appello Interiors today and get your dream apartment ready in the smallest time interval possible!
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