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Aluminium Wood Cladding: Durability and Maintenance

Building exteriors and interiors are covered with aluminium cladding, made of wood or aluminium. For cost-effective, functional, and aesthetic reasons, aluminium is the ideal material for building cladding. The cladding is available in a variety of cladding panels that can be tailored to any architectural design. The aluminium cladding from Appello Interiors is powder-coated. That forms a protective covering on the underlying substance, shielding it from the elements. Aluminium is a lightweight metal that is both sturdy and corrosion-resistant, as well as 100% recyclable.


Which is More Durable: Timber or Aluminium Wood Cladding?


Aluminium Wood Cladding from Appello Interiors is more durable than wood. Unlike conventional wood, our aluminium is resistant to dampness and saltwater, is impenetrable to termites and other insects, and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Aluminium Wood Cladding can create feature walls and ceilings on both the inside and outside of buildings, and it lasts longer than wood. It can withstand moisture and saltwater, is resistant to termites and other insects, and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Our Timber Aluminum Cladding is also water-resistant.


What Kind of Maintenance Does Aluminium Wood Cladding Require?


The aluminium wood cladding is protected by a powder-coated or anodised. Aluminium cladding comes in the form of boards or panels that are fastened to the exterior of a home to improve its appearance and protect it from the weather.


It requires little upkeep. All you have to do is clean it once or twice a year with a moderate detergent and water. Our focus on Cladding systems includes flashings and corners.


Is It True That Aluminium Cladding Corrodes?


Due to the thin layer of aluminium oxide that forms naturally on its surface when exposed to air, Appello Interiors powder-coated aluminium resists corrosion.


Select a Cladding Color and Style


The fixings on Appello Interiors’ aluminium cladding are entirely hidden, resulting in amazing linear effects on your walls and ceilings. In addition, there are various styles and colours to choose from.




  • Scratch-resistant
  • There is no fading
  • Restaining is a bad idea
  • Maintenance-free


Our work is an example of a well-balanced mix of excellent design, originality, sustainability, timely execution, sound project planning, and efficient teamwork. We develop, implement, and persevere in offering you aluminium wall cladding that shows skill and ingenuity with all of our heart. Do you wish to give your underused places a new lease on life? Then we’ll create something that is both attractive and functional for you!

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