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A Guide To Choose Office Flooring Materials For Every Room

When choosing the material for any place then you need to understand many things before finalising anything. Today we are talking about the office floor material desires. When choosing flooring materials for your office, both function and form should be top of mind considerations. And because each section of your office has a different function, so one flooring material must not be included for the entire office space. What works for the conference area won’t necessarily work in the reception area.


There are a few ways to choose the office flooring materials but the best way to choose the right material is to go room by room and check the functionality of each space. But this will be so much easier if you work with professional and experienced office fit-out companies in Dubai. You will be given better options that will align with your ideas and the design of the workspace. Let us look at the few rooms and the best flooring materials best suitable for the place.


Conference Rooms 

Conference rooms hold important meetings and discussions with potential clients and long term vendors and employees. The conference rooms are also used for motivation and thinking of new ideas. So the flooring materials must have a good impression and fit the room’s overall aesthetic. But when it comes to office interior then durability plays an important role. For small offices it can be less important for them as they don’t have enough traffic inside the place. The best options for conference room flooring will be carpet or wood finishes to install in conference rooms.


Reception Area

Office reception is the first thing that people witness when they enter the premises. The clients, suppliers, employees and visitors see as soon as they put a step in your office. Therefore, it is important that the flooring makes a good first impression. It must also be able to withstand a high level of foot traffic while still looking aesthetically pleasing. So, the few office flooring materials include Luxury vinyl tile, wood finishes, terrazzo. The office interior fit-out companies in Dubai can help you with more designs ideas for the reception area.


Open Work Spaces

The flooring of your open offices work spaces must match your office design aesthetic & withstand high level of foot traffic. Durable and easy to maintain flooring materials are best in general office areas. Here are flooring materials you can choose from luxury vinyl tile and carpet in the whole area.


There are many other recommendations that you can look at as there are many other options but you should know that material options are virtually limitless. With your design and budget in mind, the professionals from Appello Interiors can guide you to select the best flooring material for each designated area of your office.

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