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8 Types of Interior Design Style: Choose your favorite

Interior Design has always been a vast field and there’s something for everyone. You can be creative and unique at the same time by letting your imagination run. However, the broad subject has been categorized too. We have curated a list of eight different types of interior designing styles, ranging from clean to warm feel, describing them in detail below to help you choose. There’s no limit to how many styles there are but these seven are the one most favorite ones of the residential interior design company. Let us learn about each one of them and find out which suits your personality the best.


Modern Style

The one motto to describe this style the best is that form follows functions. In simple words, only those elements are present in the house which have a designated purpose and function. This makes it a simple and sleek design. Modern style is all about fewer curves and more lines, be it patterns, furniture, etc. It uses neutral or earthy colors and incorporates natural materials like wood, bamboo, etc.


Contemporary Style

Often confused with modern style, contemporary style is exactly what the word means. It keeps changing with time and unlike other designs, it is never completely the same. The colors used in this style lie on the extreme ends of color charts, i.e., black and white. Contrary to modern style, this incorporates more curves. However, a contemporary style also aims for a clean look and has a minimalist edge to it. Another contrasting point from modern is that it is more on the aesthetic side whereas modern style is more practical.


Minimalist Style

This is one style that supposedly won’t go out of vogue. As the name suggests, a minimalist look is all about less is more. It aims for simplicity and uses clean lines. This is often used to make a small space appear larger because of its different constituents like colors and shapes. The top 10 interior design companies in Dubai suggest using a trio of hues in different rooms that are just a shade apart from each other to provide a defined look. Quality matters more than quantity in a minimalist style. Only those items that are necessary ought to be included and the rest is treated as clutter which makes the house look clean.


Industrial Style

This style resembles the look of factories, warehouses, and other industrial structures. The key idea that makes this style unique is using exposed and unfinished architectural elements like brick walls, pipes, ducts, etc. The main goal is to add a homely feeling to the warehouse resembling structure. One can do that by adding photographs and other personal items. Since the houses using this style are generally large, open-plan layouts are used. The go-to colors for this style are white, beige, browns, and greys. This style provides great scope for DIY where one can use old wood and pipes for decor.


These are all the most popular interior design styles. As mentioned already, interior design is a wide discipline and there’s no limit to it but we have narrowed it down to help you choose one. The previous ones were more on the sleek and clean side of styling and designing, according to the residential interior design companies in Dubai while the following will be more cozy and warm. Let us learn about them.


Scandinavian Style

This style focuses on function and simplicity and is connected with nature. Since the Scandinavian countries are cold, this style aims to create warmth in the house. To do that, carpets and throws made from wool, sheepskin, etc. are used. Flowers and plants are an integral part of this style. Proper lighting is essential too and that’s why more natural light should be allowed to enter the house. Natural materials like leather, fur (faux or natural) are used in this style. For decorative elements, simple and large ones are used like elegant ceramic vases.


Traditional Style

If antiques, classic art, and design full of history are your thing, then traditional style is for you. This style is more on the warm and inviting side. Since there is no bar for age or era to use in this style, this is suited for every age and personality. Symmetry is an important aspect of this style and it is suggested to steer clear of the colors black and white. The best part about this style is that it can be unique for everyone.


Bohemian Style

This style is for those who are termed as unconventional by society when in reality all they have is a head full of imagination. It is suggested to start this style by using a neutral base and then slowly filling it up with different elements as per one’s liking. Different patterns and layering them are considered essential to achieve a bohemian style. Just like Scandinavian, plants are important in this style too. This is the opposite of minimalism and allows you to stuff the house with different things. It makes the house personalized too. Bright colors are the go-to for this style. Furniture closer to the floor completes the look for a Bohemian house


Shabby Chic Style

This is such a pretty and comfortable style with a mixture of vintage. This makes the house or any setting look elegant. Softer hues such as white and beige are used. Pastel colors are also incorporated by some to give the house a feminine feel. Vintage accessories are used to decorate such as vases with chipped-off paint, faded drapes, chandeliers, etc. Antique furniture makes this style unique, whether they have been in the family for a long time or just bought. Another integral part of this style is comfy fabrics (like soft linen). Floral patterns are used in a shabby chic home.

The top Interior Design companies in UAE pick up styling as per the client’s liking and then only moves on to the process of interior designing. If you didn’t know which style suits you the best, we hope this helped you in coming up with one for yourself and gave you all the right insights that you needed.

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