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3 Ideas to Mix Modern & Vintage Design and Decor

Whenever anyone looks for the ideas for a luxury design for their place then the first thing that comes up on their mind check is to incorporate the vintage decor and designs in their home. And to be honest vintage pieces and ideas are a great way to infuse some character in your space. There are no rules when it comes to mix and match old designs with modern ones. You have all the freedom to play with contrasting colors, textures and artefacts from different decades.


The artefacts are a good way to bring back memories of a forgotten time with them, so we just need to avoid going overboard with every piece so your home does not resemble a museum. So, hiring the residential interior designer Dubai is not a bad idea, as their unique vision can help to bring our vision come true as the trick here is to maintain a perfect balance between the old and new. So, let us have a look at a few ideas to bring old and new together for new design ideas.


A Room That Mixes Modern With Vintage Decor

If you want eclectic and funky styles of interior design then mixing modern and vintage is the right way to go. If you want your room to blend both these styles together beautifully you need to ensure you find the right balance of accents, colors and furniture. For such designs and mixing and matching is really important. So, the table in the rooms must match the walls and the bed design and texture. For such ideas we recommend custom made furniture Dubai so the vintage and modern styles are combined together to achieve the desired result.


Don’t be Afraid to Play With Colors

Mixing vintage and modern designs are all about contrast and colors. So, we can play with the colors and experiment to get the right content for the home. For instance, vintage woods is perfect to play around with bright shades. So, if you have a piece of antique furniture, be it a table or a chair, paint it in a bold color for a modern twist. For instance, adding a turquoise blue side table paired with a bright orange colored chair gives a new design along with a vintage element.


Add a Statement Piece

The statement pieces always help to complete the home, and if you also want to include one, then adding an antique piece of furniture that is rich in design and history is a good idea to complement vintage and modern designs. The statement piece will be a conversation starter that will stand out from the rest of the furnishing of the space it is displayed in. the antique objects can be a real winner for this idea. A design in which vintage items complementing the statement piece and vice versa is really amazing to pull off.


The above ideas are perfect to get a perfect mix of modern and vintage design for your place. The top interior design & build firm like Appello Interiors are ready to give your place a luxurious design that you want.

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